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G&G Football Business takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. For this reason, through this website, it only collects your information that is necessary for its smooth operation, while providing a high-level navigation experience.
Cookies cannot search and process your data by default, nor search your device. However, they do store your personal information about your web browsing history or preferences. For this reason, we wish to inform you about the use of Cookies by our website and we guarantee you that we try to be as safe as possible, ensuring the least possible intervention in the sphere of your privacy.

How and why we use cookies ?

Our website uses Cookies in order to improve its user experience. Some of the Cookies we use allow you to choose how you access our website and help us save your preferences for the next time you visit. The text you are reading explains in simple terms what Cookies are, which Cookies we use and how we use them.

What Cookies are ?

Cookies are small text files that are sent and stored on your computer, smartphone or other device you use to access the internet, every time you visit a website. Cookies are not viruses. They are not pieces of code. Therefore, they cannot multiply and spread to other networks. Since they cannot perform these functions, they cannot in any way be classified as viruses.
Cookies are necessary because they allow a website to recognize a user’s device and adapt its content to it. For example, the website “remembers” your actions and preferences for a period of time, so that you do not have to enter these preferences each time you visit our website. For more information about Cookies, you can visit one of the specialized websites, such as:

What Cookies do we use ?

These Cookies are necessary for the provision of the website’s services, while its use is impossible or extremely difficult without them. Therefore they cannot be disabled. The necessary cookies we use are the following:


This cookie stores your selected language preferences.

How to manage Cookies ?

For more information about Cookies, you can visit one of the specialized websites, such as: In case you wish to activate or deactivate the use of cookies from the browser settings, you can visit the following websites and learn about the necessary actions to take.

Updates to this Policy ?

This Cookie Policy can be modified at any time. That is why we consider it appropriate to refer to this Policy regularly. In case of modification, the date on which it was carried out will be indicated. The Cookies Policy that is considered valid is the one that was modified most recently.